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Lease Area Surveys in Perth
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Leasing Land

Leasing land is a common part of business in Western Australia. Whether you are a small operator starting out with a retail lease in a shopping centre, a multi-national corporation looking to compete in a new market, or a landowner looking for tenants, knowing exactly what area is being leased is the cornerstone of a long, happy lease agreement. The best solution to understand the exact dimensions of a lease, strata lot or site is through lease area surveys.

What is a Lease Area Survey?

Lease area surveys are services that establish or confirm the area subject to a lease agreement, set rental rates, and inform property valuations.

While this might sound simple, there is variation in lease agreements, including determining if the lettable area is to be measured from the interior or exterior of boundary walls, responsibilities of shared spaces, and correctly following Property Council guidelines.

Miscalculation of a lease area survey can have significant implications for rental costs/income for all parties, and can incur significant legal costs to rectify.

Lease Area Survey (variations)

Not all lease area surveys are the same. Broadly speaking, there are three major types of lease area surveys. These are net area surveys, gross area surveys (industrial) and gross area surveys (retail).

> Net Area Survey

Net area surveys are specifically significant to the leasing of office buildings. They calculate the net lettable area to a fine degree, omit shared amenities such as bathrooms, elevators and stairs. We can define net area surveys without an interior wall boundary.

> Gross Area Survey

Gross area surveys (industrial) are most often used when the tenant is looking at leasing the entire structure of a building or parts of the surrounding site. This is often the case for warehouses, stand along super markets or other whole building tenancies in industrial areas.

Gross area surveys (retail) apply to tenancies for smaller, retail uses. These apply when leasing tenancies in shopping centres, strip shops, or retail spaces at the base of apartment towers.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a landowner, a local council or an engineer, builder or architect – Horizon Surveys will get the job done efficiently.

Why Use Local, Perth Surveyors?

For lease area surveys, accuracy is in the best interests of all parties. Over the life of a twenty-year lease, minor issues can cause significant costs to rectify.

In Perth, only Licensed land surveyors—like the ones here at Horizon Surveys—can place property survey markers to establish or re-establish your property boundaries.

Our Cadastral Survey Process

The Horizon Surveys cadastral surveying process is simple and thorough.

We search property documents such as the Certificate of Title and any pther paperwork that may affect the legal entity to the full enjoyment of your land.

These may include;

  • Easements
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Memorials

Any item that is stated on the Title or Plan that may affect the use of the Land.

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Feature Surveys

Architects and Design Engineers require feature surveys prior to the initial planning and design phase of a project.

Detailed information about; roads, paths, buildings, retaining walls and vegetation will appear in a plan or digital report. The plans show Contours and levels to AHD (Australian Height Datum). Cadastral info (boundary) information is usually included as an overlay.

Re-pegs / Re-establishment Surveys

Original property boundaries may need to be re-established and marked by pegs. Such surveys can be time-consuming because the original boundaries and associated documentation could be 100 years old. A licensed surveyor needs to state that the work has been undertaken in accordance with current Survey Regulations.

Identification Surveys

Identification Surveys (always carried out by Licensed Land Surveyors) determine all improvements (buildings, awnings, garages and brick walls) in relation to the property boundary. Easements – such as; access, sewer, height restrictions – appear as comments in a report stating the legal description of the land and any encroachments by or upon the Land.

As-Constructed & Audit Surveys

As-constructed surveys and audit surveys are critical elements in deciding if a structure has been built to design specifications. The surveyor will draw up plans that reveal the dimensions and levels of a particular structure, including; roads, bridges, dams, excavation areas, or landfills. Audit Surveys are performed during the construction stage in order to verify positions for holding-down bolts, plinths, roads and structures.

boundary peg

Mining Tenement Surveys

A mining tenement survey is required to establish the extent of the actual mining lease area for mining tenements. The pegging on the ground needs to be found and any priorities of prior marking out need to be determined.

The Survey of a Mining tenement occurs after instructions issued by the Department of Mines and Petroleum are handed to Licensed surveyors who can then perform these duties noting the hierarchy of tenements.

Most types of survey reports, any time.

Surveying is a suite of many facets including Contour and Feature Surveys, Subdivision of Land (Green title or Strata), Construction set-out as As Constructed Surveys, Lease Area surveys, remarking of original boundaries and the Calculation of Volumes.

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