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Perth Surveyors

Horizon Surveys has qualified land surveyors and engineers ready to assist anywhere in Perth.

We also operate in the following suburbs around the Perth area:

Joondalup Surveyors

We provide expert land surveying, cadastral surveys, and other relevant services in the metropolitan area of Joondalup.

Thornlie Surveyors

Trust Horizon Surveys, the #1 land surveying company in Thornlie, for all of your boundary, detail, and level surveying needs.

Morley Surveyors

Our team can assist with land development projects and cadastral surveys in Morley, as well as in the other suburbs in the city of Bayswater.

Gosnells Surveyors

If you’re planning to buy or build on property in Gosnells, make sure to contact Horizon Surveys to conduct pre-planning and development land surveys.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a landowner, a local council or an engineer, builder or architect – you can rely on us to get the job done efficiently.

From feature surveys to As-constructed and Audit surveys, our team offers a range of survey services for all kinds of projects.

Horizon Surveys has the personnel, equipment, experience, and expertise to produce superior quality results on any Perth-based surveying project in the most cost-effective and timely way.

Land Surveys for Perth

From feature surveys to As-constructed and Audit surveys, our team offers a range of survey services for all kinds of projects.

Bayswater Surveyors

All of our surveyors in Bayswater are fully trained in the latest land surveying methods and cutting-edge technologies.

Dianella Surveyors

For properties in Dianella and the surrounding suburbs in Stirling, Horizon Surveys can handle all of your land surveying needs no matter how big or small.

Other Surveying Areas

Horizon Surveys has fully-licensed and trained surveyors all around Perth, including Duncraig, Craigie, and much, much more.

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Feature Surveys

Architects and Design Engineers require feature surveys prior to the initial planning and design phase of a project.

Detailed information about; roads, paths, buildings, retaining walls and vegetation will appear in a plan or digital report. The plans show Contours and levels to AHD (Australian Height Datum). Cadastral info (boundary) information is usually included as an overlay.

Re-pegs / Re-establishment Surveys

Original property boundaries may need to be re-established and marked by pegs. Such surveys can be time-consuming because the original boundaries and associated documentation could be 100 years old. A licensed surveyor needs to state that the work has been undertaken in accordance with current Survey Regulations.

Identification Surveys

Identification Surveys (always carried out by Licensed Land Surveyors) determine all improvements (buildings, awnings, garages and brick walls) in relation to the property boundary. Easements – such as; access, sewer, height restrictions – appear as comments in a report stating the legal description of the land and any encroachments by or upon the Land.

Lease Area Surveys

Commercial areas are often tenanted to third parties, and surveys may be required to calculate the area in question. A lease area survey can help determine the area under lease, using modern equipment and following the lease area guidelines from The Property Council of Australia. Depending on the tenancy, the Survey may be required to measure GLA (Gross Lettable Area) or NLA (Nett Lettable Area).

As-Constructed & Audit Surveys

As-constructed surveys and audit surveys are critical elements in deciding if a structure has been built to design specifications. The surveyor will draw up plans that reveal the dimensions and levels of a particular structure, including; roads, bridges, dams, excavation areas, or landfills. Audit Surveys are performed during the construction stage in order to verify positions for holding-down bolts, plinths, roads and structures.

boundary peg

Mining Tenement Surveys

A mining tenement survey is required to establish the extent of the actual mining lease area for mining tenements. The pegging on the ground needs to be found and any priorities of prior marking out need to be determined.

The Survey of a Mining tenement occurs after instructions issued by the Department of Mines and Petroleum are handed to Licensed surveyors who can then perform these duties noting the hierarchy of tenements.

Cadastral Surveys

Cadastral land surveying is a branch of land surveying that focuses on establishing your property boundaries. When Horizon Surveys conducts cadastral surveying on your land, we determine the actual Boundaries and place Boundary marks on the corners of your land.

There are several circumstances in which cadastral land surveying becomes a necessity. Many cadastral land surveys happen when boundaries need to be marked to determine new fencing lines or when buildings need to be set out at specific distances from the boundary. (ie a Parapet wall)

Most types of survey reports, any time.

Surveying is a suite of many facets including Contour and Feature Surveys, Subdivision of Land (Green title or Strata), Construction set-out as As-Constructed Surveys, Lease Area surveys, remarking of original boundaries and the Calculation of Volumes.

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